How to Calculate Correct Kitchen Chimney Size?

Are you thinking to buy a kitchen chimney for your home but wondering how to calculate correct kitchen chimney size? Well, just keep reading as this guide is just for you.

A kitchen is the heart of every home. Because that’s where our mom’s day starts and that’s where her day ends. No matter what, you might skip going to work someday but you can’t skip a day without eating or drinking.

Our Indian moms and housewives love to experiment with their skills in kitchens. To be honest, their experiments include high oil usage in frying, grilling, & spices too.

That results in a lot of oily and greasy smoke in the kitchen that definitely creates instant problems and is not healthy for us in the long run.

How to Calculate Correct Kitchen Chimney Size?

How to Calculate Correct Kitchen Chimney Size?

The modern solution to that problem is to install a kitchen chimney at home. But there is a hell of lot of things to keep in mind while buying a kitchen chimney.

Like which are the best chimney in India? What type of chimney to buy? Filter vs Filterless chimneys? Duct vs ductless chimneys? How to calculate chimney suction power? Etc.

Well, we have our dedicated articles for each of these confusions for you, make sure you go through them. Today we are discussing how to calculate correct kitchen chimney size for your home. Here are the important things you have to consider.

Kitchen Measurement

To be able to know what chimney size would fit the best for your kitchen, the first thing you got to do is measure the size of your kitchen. You have to measure both length, height, & width of your kitchen so you can determine the volume of your kitchen. It’s not only going to help you determine the correct chimney size but also the correct suction power you need.

Chimney Size Charts

Depending upon the size of your kitchen, you can look for various chimney size charts on the Internet and determine what size would suit best for your kitchen area. You can also take help from a professional like an Interior designer because they know what’s working best for most people.

Stove Size

The main thing a chimney has to do is suck the heat and greasy particles that come out of the steam above the stove. So you need to make sure that your chimney covers up all over your stove. If you have a 2-3 burner gas stove, a 60cm size kitchen chimney is still fine. But if you have a 5-6 burner gas stove in the kitchen, that might require up to 90cm size chimney to properly clean the smoky kitchen environment.

Volume of Chimney

Just like you measured up your kitchen area, you also need to measure the volume of your chimney. You need to make sure you have enough space inside your kitchen to install the chimney model you have opted for. In case the volume of the chimney is a lot bigger, then it might not get fit in your kitchen if you have container placing areas built-in your kitchen.


Determining the correct size of a chimney for a kitchen is a tough task. You can take help from professionals if you are having problems installing a chimney at your home.

But in our Indian market, most of the kitchen chimneys come in two sizes, 60cm, and 90cm. A 60cm sized chimney is enough to handle and cover up 2-3 burner gas stove.

Whereas, a 90cm size chimney is for people who have a large-sized kitchen with a big stove like a 5-6 burner gas stove. I hope this article was helpful for you.

This was our guide on how to calculate correct kitchen chimney size. For more awesome kitchen chimney-related essential info, keep following The Chimney Guide!

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