How to Calculate Chimney Suction Power?

Do you want to know how to calculate chimney suction power & capacity? Well, you’re at the right spot, just keep reading ahead.

So it’s been a few months since you installed a new chimney in your kitchen. Well, a kitchen chimney is surely one of the best investments for a kitchen.

But the thing is you’ve already started noticing some issues in your chimney. Basically, over a period of time, the suction power and capacity of these machines start reducing.

How to Calculate Chimney Suction Power?

how to calculate chimney suction power

One of the major reasons why this happens is because of the non-maintenance of the device. In case you don’t know what to do, we have a complete guide on how to clean a kitchen chimney at home, do consider reading it.

That should definitely solve your problem but in case you have taken proper maintenance of your device and there is nothing technical inside the chimney to be diagnosed. I guess there might be some issue with your power supply.

Probably your device is not getting enough power to be able to run at its normal suction power and that’s why you might have seen that the chimney isn’t working properly.

Well, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to calculate chimney suction power & capacity. By doing so you can confirm that the issue lies outside the machine, not inside. Let’s begin!

Steps to Calculate Suction Power

The simple mathematics equation to find out the required suction power of your chimney to be able to properly clean your kitchen is:

Suction Power of Chimney = Volume of Kitchen x 10

So basically, the suction capacity of your chimney is approximately equal to the volume of your kitchen (in m3) multiplied by 10.

If you know the basics of maths, you already know Volume = Length x Breadth x Height

For example, if you have a kitchen with dimensions,

Length = 5m, Breadth = 5m, Height = 5m

The Volume of your kitchen comes out to be,

Volume of Kitchen = 5 x 5 x 5 = 125 m3.

Now let’s calculate the suction power required to clean your kitchen,

Suction Power = 125 x 10 = 1250 m3/hr

So if you have a kitchen with dimensions of 5 x 5 x 5 (in meters), the required suction capacity of a chimney to suck out all the greasy air from your kitchen is 1250 m3/hr.

That means, 1200-1250 m3/hr suction power must be your priority while choosing the best kitchen chimney for your home from the market.

Factors Affecting Suction Power of Chimney

There are multiple reasons why your chimney’s suction power might have got reduced. Let’s take a look at what are the possible reasons behind the reduction of suction capacity of your device.

  • Poor maintenance, not taking care of device leads to reducing the overall performance
  • The number of bents made in the ducting route can affect the performance in the long run
  • High usage of oil with a low-end chimney might not be suitable for your device
  • Large size kitchen but a low suction power chimney isn’t really capable to clean the smoky air properly

So basically, the only thing you need to take care of the most is while buying a kitchen chimney, you must opt for a high suction power device so it can take care of your chimney for a long period of time.

Tips for Enhancing your Chimney Performance

Well, in case the performance of your device is decreasing day-by-day, here are some tips which you can follow to solve this problem. If you do take care of these things properly, you’ll be able to enhance your overall performance of the chimney very soon.

  • Always prefer the baffle filter type of chimney compared to any other filter.
  • Filterless chimneys are not suitable for oily kitchens, read our comparison guide for baffle filter vs filterless kitchen chimneys.
  • Properly clean and maintain your device, if you have an oil collector, your work would be much easier.
  • If any problem occurs with your device, do contact customer support at the time so the issue does not become a bigger problem.

These were our tips that you must follow so that your device performs well and is healthy in the long run. At least aim for 5 years for your machine to work properly, which it would definitely do if you take care of it properly.


Maintaining the cleaning part of a chimney is the most important thing if you want it to work like a charm for years. If your chimney is having any problems, this was our complete guide on how to calculate chimney suction power.

You can use this formula to calculate the suction power required to clean your kitchen area and verify whether your device’s suction capacity is enough to clean it or not.

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