Kitchen Chimney vs Exhaust Fan: All You Need To Know

Are you still confused between Kitchen Chimney vs Exhaust Fans? Keep reading as today in this detailed guide you will learn about the difference between chimney and exhaust fans in the kitchen.

Kitchen chimneys are very costly as compared to the exhaust fans. But a lot of people think that they both work exactly the same. But that is not the case, if it was like that, nobody would actually spend their money on a costly chimney.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen and want to install a chimney as well, this is the definitive guide that will help you decide whether you should upgrade to a kitchen chimney or stay sticked to an exhaust fan. 

There are a lot of major differences between exhaust fans and kitchen chimneys. In this article, we will talk about how a kitchen chimney can help you reduce humidity in your kitchen, giving you a soothing and smoke-free cooking experience.

Kitchen Chimney vs Exhaust Fan: A Detailed Comparison

Exhaust Fans are the most common solution to reduce heat & humidity inside the kitchen during cooking. It is not the best, but a good option compared to having nothing in the kitchen to circulate the humidity. But kitchen chimneys are more powerful than the exhaust fans as they not only circulate the heat but chimneys also remove the polluted particles from the air.

Kitchen Chimney vs Exhaust Fans

That’s a quick comparison between the kitchen chimney and the exhaust fan. In order to understand the differences, it is crucial to know the technologies behind both these appliances. Let’s first understand how an exhaust fan actually works.

Working Mechanism of Exhaust Fan

An Exhaust Fan, as the name says itself, is a basic fan that is used as an exhaust to expel out humid airflow from the kitchen using a ducting route. It does help in circulating the hot air flow out of the kitchen so you do not feel humidity while cooking.

But it does not help in sucking out the oily & dirt particles present in the air. An exhaust fan just circulates the airflow which is still quite helpful to reduce heat in the kitchen.

Working Mechanism of Kitchen Chimney

A kitchen chimney is a modern electrical appliance that helps in reducing the heat & humidity in the kitchen by sucking all the dirty & oily particles, gases, etc present in the environment. An advanced auto-clean filterless kitchen chimney can also help in purifying the oily air present in the kitchen.

Kitchen chimneys are very efficient in reducing the heat present in the environment, making it very easy for the person to cook easily in the kitchen. It really gets hot in the kitchen during the summertime. Investing in a kitchen chimney is a really good decision.

Chimney vs Exhaust Fan

Here comes the main part, for what you’re still reading this guide till here. Now, we are going to compare kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan to find out the main differences they both have in their working and efficiency.

To break and make things easier for you to understand, we have created the below table that represents and compares a chimney with an exhaust fan on the basis of price, efficiency, maintenance, & all other important things you need to know.

Kitchen Chimney

Exhaust Fan

Modern kitchen chimneys are very silent in nature, they produce little to no noise.

Exhaust Fans produce a lot of noise while working.

Kitchen chimneys have a very stylish design, that adds up points to your overall kitchen look.

Exhaust Fans are old traditional fans that do not really add up any points to your kitchen design.

Kitchen Chimneys are very costly compared to the exhaust fans.

Exhaust Fans are very cheap and you can buy them easily from any local shop.

An auto-clean Chimney is highly recommended for you if you have high oil usage in your kitchen.

Exhaust Fans are recommended if you do not have a humid kitchen. They are not efficient if you have high oil usage.

Kitchen chimneys consume a lot of electricity while working. Read our chimney power consumption guide for more info.

Exhaust Fans are very basic fans with a single rotating motor installed in them, hence do not consume much electricity.


Obviously, Kitchen chimneys are more effective in cleaning the air and removing oily particles from the kitchen as compared to a regular traditional Exhaust Fan. But before making your final decision, you must ask yourself do you really need a chimney?

In case you do not have much high oily usage and you do not really feel the humidity in your kitchen, then getting an exhaust fan is a much better option. That will save up a lot of your money which you can invest in something else.

However, if you really feel it’s too humid & smoky in your kitchen, then installing a kitchen chimney is the best option for you. It’s not only going to help you give a soothing cooking experience, but it’s also going to make your kitchen look a bit more stylish.

This was our guide around the difference between a kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. For more informative content about kitchen chimneys, keep following The Chimney Guide!

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