Kitchen Chimney Power Consumption – A Detailed Guide

Planning to buy a kitchen chimney for your home? But at the same time, you might be wondering, how much electricity will it consume? How much will it effect on your monthly electricity bill?

Well, if you have all these questions in mind, keep reading, as this is a detailed Kitchen Chimney Power Consumption Guide.

Kitchen Chimney Power Consumption Guide

Kitchen Chimney Power Consumption

To be honest, kitchen chimney power consumption is something that we can’t really guess easily. It may vary from person to person depending upon various factors.

If you already have high electricity usage at home, you might see additional noticeable hikes in your electricity bill. Because the more units your meter reads, the more cost per unit increases.

Hence, if you already have high usage, you may see high electricity consumption for your chimney. But if you don’t really have much usage already and then you’re thinking, how much will it effect, let’s find out that.

What is an Average Chimney Electricity Bill?

Kitchen chimney power consumption can vary a lot depending upon multiple factors. But a few recent case studies conclude that an average kitchen chimney consumers around 120 to 200 watts.

Now using this average value, you can easily try to calculate your own monthly electricity bill by using our simple formula.

Take out your pen & paper, let’s do a quick math. Here’s our formula.

Chimney Monthly Power Consumption = Hours of Usage x Motor Watts x 30 Days

Now just quickly, replace the values accordingly.

By using this simple formula, you can easily calculate how much electricity does a kitchen chimney consumes and how much electricity bill is it going to increase for you monthly.

Duct vs Ductless Chimney - Power Consumption

Just in case you don’t know, read this article on duct vs ductless chimneys before reading ahead. Now that you know what are ducted and ductless kitchen chimneys.

Let’s try to understand which type of chimney will consume more power and why. Let’s not waste a lot of time over this.

Basically, a ductless kitchen chimney will consume more power as compared to a ducted chimney as it not only sucks in the air, but it also filters out the air at the time and then expells out filtered air back in the kitchen.

Factors Affecting Chimney Power Consumption

A basic kitchen chimney would not really consume much electricity. However, an advanced auto-clean filterless kitchen chimney will more likely increase your overall electricity consumption.

Yes, you guessed it correct. A kitchen chimney may or may not consume much power depending upon a lot of factors, most importantly, the features of the chimney.

If a kitchen chimney does not have many features, then only the motor is going to consume power and that will not affect hugely on the overall consumption.

However, if there are light indicators, auto-cleaning technology & a lot of advanced features in it that keep on working always, then in that case the chimney will consume more power.

In conclusion, premium kitchen chimney models that have a lot of advanced features will more likely consume high electricity during their running hours.

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