What is a 3-Way Suction Chimney? How Does it Work?

If you want to buy a kitchen chimney for Indian home, you might be doing pretty good research online. Definitely, research is very important before making any heavy investments in Kitchen equipment.

If I’m not wrong, you might have heard about auto-clean kitchen chimneys & 3-way suction chimneys somewhere. Well we have a proper detailed guide on the best auto-clean chimneys.

If you don’t know, What is a 3-way suction chimney? and how does it work? Keep reading this article till the end as today we are going to discuss it.

What is a 3-Way Suction Chimney?

what is a 3-way suction chimney

Basically, as the name says it all, a 3-Way suction chimney contains multiple suction units on its body which results in faster & efficient cleaning.

Generally, what happens is that in a normal chimney, there is only one-way through which air is sucked inside the chimney. As there is only one intake unit to suck polluted air, the cleaning process is a bit slow and not very efficient.

But a 3-Way suction chimney has multiple suction inlets on the edges of the chimney body as well. This ensures that the wall of the kitchen also stays clean and you don’t even have to worry about the ceilings as well.

A 3-Way suction chimney keeps both walls & ceiling away from the smoke & dirt being collected there. That’s why you should go for a 3-way suction chimney if you have a really oily kitchen.

How does a 3-Way Suction Chimney Work?

Basically, Kitchen chimneys work on a simple process. If you want to understand the working of chimneys thoroughly, do read this article on Duct vs Ductless Chimneys.

A 3-Way suction chimney works by sucking in the dirty air along with oil particles that are present inside the kitchen. As it have multiple sucking inlet units, each space has its own motor which helps it to suck in the air fumes.

Then these air particles passes through the chimney filter, which blocks all the dirt & oil particles going through it. This dirt residue gets collected into the oil collector which you can detach to clean it off.

Advantages of a 3-Way Suction Chimney

There are multiple advantages of a 3-way suction chimney against a regular kitchen chimney. Let’s look at a few benefits of 3-Way suction chimney so you get an idea why you should prefer a 3-Way suction chimney for your home.

  • A 3-way suction chimney contains multiple inlet units which makes the air cleaning faster and much more efficient.
  • As it has multiple sucking inlets, the overall noise production while working is very low compared to regular kitchen chimneys.
  • In case, one inlet unit stops working, you have the other ones still in working, and the repairing cost of these units is really very low.
  • The 3-way balanced suction results in a very premium, noise-free & smoke-free cooking experience inside kitchens.
  • It contains advanced and multiple motors that help in sucking the dirt fumes from all sides including side walls & ceilings.

These are just a few major advantages that you can receive if you go for a 3-way suction chimney, you can explore more by experiencing yourself, go get a 3-way suction chimney installed in your kitchen.


3-Way suction chimneys are the coming future. Trust me, in a span of a few years, you’ll see a crazy hike in sales of 3-way suction chimneys as brands have already started preparing for it.

That’s why you should go for a 3-way suction chimney so you don’t have to regret or upgrade your machine later on.

Also, design-wise, 3-way suction chimneys look way more premium and offer a really smooth cooking experience inside the kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for a chimney for your home kitchen or for a restaurant, this suits the best fit and works like a charm. 

This was our guide on What is a 3-way suction chimney, how does it work and what are the advantages of it. If you want to read more chimney related content, keep visiting The Chimney Guide!

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