Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney – Which one is Better?

If you’re looking to buy a kitchen chimney for an Indian Kitchen, you might be confused between baffle filter vs filterless chimney right?

That’s obvious as these are the only two popular types of chimneys available in India. For obvious reasons, filterless chimneys are getting popular these days. Here is our guide on best filterless auto-clean chimney in India.

To make your buying journey simpler, here is our detailed guide about the difference between baffle filters and filterless chimneys.

Once you go through this guide, make sure you read our comprehensive guide on the best chimney for kitchen in India. That will help you choose the best model for you from the market. Let’s get straight into the topic!

Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimneys

Detailed guide on baffle filter vs filterless chimney

In order to understand the difference between baffle filter vs filterless chimney, let’s start by understanding the working mechanism of both these types of chimneys.

Let’s first talk about the baffle filter type of chimneys.

Baffle Filter

Basically, a Baffle Filter is an advanced type of mesh filter that is built with curved plates made up of aluminum or stainless steel. These curved plates on the chimney basically control the airflow and change the direction of the smoke produced in the kitchen that helps in filtering out solid dirt from the smoke fumes produced during cooking.

How does a Baffle Filter Chimney work?

Baffle Filters work on a very simple principle called the “Cut & Splash” mechanism. When the chimney starts sucking in the heavy oily & smoky air, the curved design of the filter changes the airflow to suck it inside the chimney.

As the oily solid particles do not change the direction they get stuck on the filter surface itself. Only the smoke gets entered in the chimney which is then either purified or vented out of the kitchen from the duct. That’s all how a baffle filter chimney work. It just traps the heavy particles on the filter and lets the hot fumes pass away through it.

Baffle Filter vs Other Filters

The main reason why baffle filter chimneys are getting more popular these days is that because of their curved design plates, they are more efficient in nature compared to other types of filter chimneys.

Now because it does not get clogged like other chimneys, it does not need monthly maintenance. However, you would have to get it cleaned at least once in four months.

Modular Baffle Filter kitchen chimneys come along with auto-clean technology. Trust me, the auto-clean feature of these chimneys is a lot very helpful.

You are able to clean your chimney just with a single tap of a button.

But still to maintain their efficiency, baffle filter chimneys with auto-clean technology should be get cleaned at least twice a year. You can either get it done by maintenance team or you can even clean chimney by yourself at home.


Filterless Chimney

As you already know, it does not have any filters. No filters mean it does not require any maintenance, however, you can still take care of it to sustain the long-running life of the appliance.

How does a Filterless Chimney work?

Basically, Filterless chimneys have a dedicated detachable oil collector which collects these heavy solid and dirt particles automatically so you don’t have to worry about the cleaning process yourself.

It sucks in the smoky air along with the heavy solid particles but the auto-cleaning technology of filterless chimneys automatically collects all the oil emitted during cooking. You can easily detach the oil collector to remove the oil from it.

Advantages of Filterless Chimney

The main advantage of a filterless chimney is that it removes the headache of 6 months’ regular maintenance cost. As they do not have any filter, they can not get clogged with heavy oily particles. 

But in baffle filter chimneys, oil and dirt clogging could block the airflow path which would affect the suction power of the motor as well.

Also, Filterless chimneys do not make much noise as compared to the filtered chimneys. In case you think, not having a filter might affect the motor, let me clarify that in filterless chimneys, motors are placed in such a way that there is a complete airflow & solid particles can not block or affect the suction power of the motor.

Disadvantages of Filterless Chimney

The only considerable drawback of a filterless chimney is that it is not suitable for heavy oil usage. We highly recommend you to get a baffle filter chimney if you have frequent heavy oil usage in your kitchen on a regular basis.

But for normal day-to-day usage, Filterless chimneys are considered to be the best option. If you have a small kitchen or you don’t do regular frying or grilling, filterless chimneys are very suitable for you.

Another disadvantage is that Filterless chimneys cost higher than baffle filter chimneys. But you also must consider that they do not require any maintenance so it would be a cheaper option for you in the long run.


Difference Between Baffle Filter and Filterless Chimney

Baffle Filter

Filterless Chimney

The oily grease particles are stuck on the curved panel.

There is a detachable oil collector.

Baffle filters require cleaning in 6 months.

No filters so there is no need for maintenance.

They cost a bit higher compared to mesh/cassette filters.

Filterless chimneys are even more expensive than baffle filter chimneys.

They have a maintenance cost.

Filterless chimneys do not have any maintenance costs.

Suitable for all Indian Kitchens.

Suitable for low oily Indian Kitchens.

Recommended for heavy oil usage.

Recommended for normal oil usage.

FAQ Section

1. Which type of chimney is better, Filter vs Filterless?

Filter chimneys are the traditional and most efficient option for heavy oil usage kitchens. But these filters need regular maintenance a few times a year. 

Whereas Filterless technology has just arrived in the market where they do not require any filter to block the heavy particles, they have special oil collectors. Also, they do not have any regular maintenance problems.

But, still to date, Filter chimneys are better for heavy oily kitchens whereas Filterless is recommended for those who sometimes do grilling or frying in the kitchen.

2. Which type of Filter is best in the market?

There are a variety of types of filters that come inside the kitchen chimneys. The most popular ones are mesh, cassette, and baffle filters. Out of all, Baffle Filters provide the best performance along with less maintenance compared to all other types of filters.

3. Which type of chimney is more expensive, Baffle Filter vs Filterless chimney?

For obvious reasons, Filterless chimneys cost higher than baffle filter chimneys.


Baffle Filter chimneys are the traditional options that you can opt for whereas a Filterless chimney is a new technology that you must try once.

But the thing is if you have frequent oil usage in your kitchen. Filterless chimneys should not be an option for you. Baffle Filter type of chimneys is still considered the most for big oily Indian Kitchens.

But if you have a regular kitchen and you do grilling or frying a few times a month, we highly recommend you to get a filterless chimney as they do not have any maintenance headache.

This was our detailed comparison between Baffle Filter vs Filterless chimneys, we hope this article helped you to choose the best one for your kitchen. For more info about kitchen chimneys like this, stay tuned with The Chimney Guide!

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